Mission and Strategy

CLARA’s mission is to promote equitable educational practices that foster learner agency through powerful research and impactful evaluation. Our work drives scalable programming that cultivates the unique potential of all learners to decide about important aspects their own learning, create learning experiences with personal relevance, and achieve academic success and socio-emotional wellbeing. 

child building a robot
children looking at a map
child building with toys

CLARA: Decide. Create. Achieve.


CLARA collaborates across disciplines and pedagogies to envision a future where individuals are agents of their own learning.

Research & Evaluation

CLARA designs, conducts, and seeks funding for high-quality research and evaluation to provide evidence for solutions that foster learner agency.

Program Development

ACTION is an important part of the CLARA name because it reflects the fact that we do more than conduct research—we develop and experiment with programs to expand opportunities for learner agency to become fundamental to all educational settings.

Featured Project - Entrepreneurial Pathways Study

The Entrepreneurial Pathways project is studying the early educational experiences of young adult entrepreneurs, intrapreneurs, and social entrepreneurs. We will use the results to help change the conversation about creating educational environments that foster entrepreneurial tendencies so that future generations can fulfill the demands of tomorrow’s society and economy.
students in the lab