Montessori Working Group

Individuals pose on stairs at the 2022 Montessori Research Retreat.

​​​​​​The Montessori Research Working Group is organized by the KU Center for Learner Agency Research and Action with the goals of building a diverse community of Montessori researchers, mentoring early career researchers, fostering research collaborations, and pursuing initiatives to move Montessori research forward.


  • Convene Annual Montessori Research Working Group Retreat hosted at KU
  • Connect Montessori researchers and research centers
  • Create open space for communication/support
  • Increase opportunities and capacity for funding
  • Promote equity
  • Mentor doctoral students
Montessori Research Working Group. Established 2015. An abstract swirl at the center.A graphic presenting several accomplishments and initiatives of the Montessori Research Working Group, featuring images for "Global Consensus," "AREA SIG," "Bloomsbury Handbook," "Racial Justice Conference," "Logic Model," "Research Symposium"


Montessori Research Working Group

  • Established in 2015

  • Nearly 30 national and international researchers, scholars, and academics studying Montessori

  • Accomplishments include a Global Montessori Consensus, and AERA Montessori Special Interest Group, the publication of a first-of-its kind Montessori handbook, a racial justice conference, and more.